Neck and Chin Lift

Conceal your age is very real, and there are many ways to realize it. But the only part of your body gives away your age is neck. Somebody ties a scarf around neck; somebody comes to medical aesthetics clinic. The reasons to apply can be flabby skin, double chin or strongly marked, so called “flews”. It is sagged skin in the area of lower jaw and neck.

An excellent alternative for scalpel is to correct by Aptos method.

Aptos Threads

Neck-and-Chin-LiftWhat threads are effective in your case is to be decided only during the consultation with the specialist. Aptos absorbable sutures can help to fight signs of ageing , the effect from them lasts for 4 years, then this suture can be tightened and fixed, or to implant another thread. If we say about delicate area, shaft neck, there can be used only absorbable and ultrathin threads.

Procedure. Procedure of thread lifting takes 15 -30 minutes under local anesthesia in aseptic conditions. Injury rate keeps to a minimum, no insections and scars can be seen after the procedure.

Rehabilitation. Period for rehabilitation will take up to 3 weeks. You are recommended during twenty-four hours apply dry cold to corrected area; don’t freeze your face strongly – only once every hour for 15-20 minutes. If you feel discomfort or pain, so you are allowed to take analgesic. To get the best effect and speedy recovery you are to avoid active mimicry, fitness, massage therapy, and not to visit sauna or bath-house for 2-3 weeks.

Contraindications. There are contraindications, you must consult a doctor.

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