Breast Enlargement


small-breastEndoprosthesis replacement – modifying of mamma’s shape using implants. Surgeons consider that mamma’s shape with implant, filled with silicone, is kept for 10-15 years, and with implant, filled normal saline, – 20 years. You can give birth with implant. And you are able to breast-feed also, but in a case, when the implant is placed deeply, under pectoral muscle, and not under mammary gland directly.

Surgery. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The implants can be inserted in different ways. Through the insection around areola (nipple), trough the insection under the chest (submammary line) or in axilla crease. The way is chosen depending on the implant’s form and the willing of the patient. The placement of the implant: under the breast tissue or under pectoralis major muscle.

Rehabilitation. Immediately after the surgery you can feel pain in the breast, the temperature may rise slightly. You must wear special bras; avoid physical activity and lifting weights. All limits will be removed in a month.

Contraindications. There are contraindications, you must consult a doctor.

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