Flat stomach, slender legs, small waist, slight figure without exhaustive dieting, physical activity and expensive cosmetic procedures is not a dream, but a real possibility indeed. Our highly skilled plastic surgeons will remove fat pads from your body, using popular and safe method to correct figure – liposuction.

Remove excess body’s fat

Body correctionSurgery. Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery depends on quantity of areas in work; it takes between 1 and 4, 5- 5 hours at the mean. A special fluid injects under skin, which provides more easy and qualitative excision of excess fat tissue and minimal blood loss. Then excision of excess fat tissue is performed from the small punctures. They are sewn in the end if the surgery.

Rehabilitation. Immediately after the surgery you must wear special compression garments, it is necessary to carry on for 4-6 weeks. Next day after the surgery the dressing is conducted and the patient can go home, so, in 24 hours you can return to your usual life. But be ready that postoperative period is followed by appearing of bruises (hematomas) and swellings (because lymph efflux is difficult for the time being); they will disappear in 2-2, 5 weeks.
After the procedure your body’s shape becomes noticeably better, however, because the inevitable swelling appears after liposuction, it will take not less than 1, 5-2 months to see preliminary result, and the final effect is to be measured in 4-6 months after surgery was performed. During first month after plastic surgery you are to avoid physical activity, sports, sauna, solarium and sunbathing.

Contraindications. There are contraindications, you must consult a doctor.

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